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The Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year degree programme geared for people interested in pursuing a management job. A business management curriculum will prepare you for the demands of the workplace as well as entrepreneurial approach. The programme is designed to provide you a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of business and management while also allowing you to go deep into a functional area of interest. Marketing on the Internet (Digital Marketing )

Highlights of the course: Business Software, SEO Tools and Techniques, Social Media Marketing, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Data Visualization, User Interface Design, Business Analytics and Intelligence, Software Quality Management, Web Analytics, E-Commerce and Digital Marketing

This curriculum allows participants to work as Web Analyst, Email Marketing Specialist, Project Manager, Social Media Manager, Web Designer


Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM101 Communication for Managerial Personnel 4
V20UDM102 Principles of Management 4
V20UDM103 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting 4
V20UDM104 Basics of Production and Operation Management 4
V20UDM105 Managerial Economics 3
Total Credits 19

Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM201 Managerial Accounting 4
V20UDM202 Human Resource Management 4
V20UDM203 Marketing Management 4
V20UDM204 Software Solutions for Business 4
V20UDM205 Understanding Digital Marketing 4
V20UDM206 Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning 1
Total Credits 21

Semester 3

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM301 Statistics in Business 4
V20UDM302 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Development 4
V20UDM303 Services Marketing 4
Legal Aspects of Business 4
Elective 1 3
Elective 2 3
V20UDM308 Universal Human Values 2
V20UDM309 My India Project 1
Total Credits 25

Semester 3 Elective List

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM304 SEO Tools and Techniques 3
V20UDM305 Social Media Marketing 3
V20UDM306 Marketing in the Digital Age 3
V20UDM307 Data Warehousing and Data Mining 3

Semester 4

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM401 Operations Research in Business 4
V20UDM402 Essentials of Financial Management 4
V20UDM403 Organizational Culture and Behaviour 4
V20UDM404 Information Technology for Retail Management 4
Elective 3 3
Elective 4 3
V20UDM410 Professional Skills 2
Total Credits 24

Semester 4 Elective List

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM405 Business Analytics and Intelligence 3
V20UDM406 User Interface Design 3
V20UDM407 Competitive Marketing 3
V20UDM408 Data Visualization 3
V20UDM409 Digital Design 3

Semester 5

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM501 Introduction to Research Methods 4
V20UDM502 Strategic Management 4
Elective 5 3
Elective 6 3
V20UDM507 Environmental Studies 3
V20UDM508 Leadership and Management Skills 2
Total Credits 19

Semester 5 Elective List

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM503 E-Commerce & Digital Marketing 3
V20UDM504 Product Design & Development 3
V20UDM505 Software Quality Management 3
V20UDM506 Web Analytics 3

Semester 6

Course Code Course Title Credit
V20UDM601 Global Marketing Management 4
V20UDM602 Ethics and Corporate Governance in business 4
V20UDM603 Project Work 8
Total Credits 16

BBA is a three years degree programme that provides exposure to the core concepts of management and its functional domains in general and in the area of Digital Marketing in Particular. The learners of the programme are expected to gain in-depth knowledge of Digital Marketing and shine as digital marketing professionals/ experts or entrepreneurs.

  1. To provide knowledge of the basic concepts of management and functional domains such as finance, marketing, operations and human resource management
  2. To develop communication skills and soft skill of the learners
  3. To provide technical and conceptual competencies to design websites for e-commerce, effectively market the products and services on social media platforms like Metaverse (facebook), youtube and the like
  4. To equip the students to use techniques such as SEO, SEM, and analyse the outcomes of digital marketing interventions through Analytics
  5. To equip the learners with the ability to design and implement digital marketing strategies

After completing the programme, the learners will be capable of

  • The learners of the programme get fair amount of exposure in basic management concepts, the core functional areas of management, and expertise in conceiving and implementing the digital marketing strategies as managers, consultants and entrepreneurs.

SRM Online Learning Portal: Remote Proctored Examination System (RPES) - Learner's Checklist

  1.  Examination Mode: Remote Online Proctored Examination only (Theory/Practical/Project). No physical appearance is required.
  2.  Online Examination Platform: SRM Online Remote Proctored Examination System.
  3.  Mock test: It will be conducted before every end semester examination for software practice.
  4.  End semester exam Pattern: Objective Type (MCQs) and Descriptive questions (Essay/Case study).
  5.  for descriptive questions:  Students need to upload the scanned answer sheet in picture format (JPG) before the exam time gets over into the RPES.
  6.  Examination Hardware/Software Requirements: Laptop or Desktop with webcam, Windows Operating System, Good internet bandwidth, Mobile or Scanner for scanning answer sheet(s), A4 sheets as per your requirement, pen (blue or black), pencil if required. 
  7.  e-Answer sheet: Scanned answer sheet (handwritten in A4 sheets) should be uploaded before the exam time ends into the RPES.
  8.  Authentication: SRMIST ID card and hall ticket / Admit card is mandatory to appear for the exam. 
  9.  Back Paper(s): Learners can appear for Arrears / Back papers along with every next semester till the time of maximum number of attempts permitted as per regulation.

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