Dr. P. Sathyanarayanan

Pro-Chancellor (Academic)

Swami Vivekananda articulated “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you; none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” I strongly believe that your presence here will be an exploration of your own self; just like they say Education is all about discovering yourself. I can proudly say that SRMIST will help you throughout in the process of this ‘self’ exploration you will take.

Always remember that change is nothing but to become different. Your learning experience, while at the SRMIST, will alter your perceptions about the world and also about yourself. The learning will continue to be the lens through which you see the world. Also, remember that change is omnipresent. It will transcend you, build you and most of all, will help you grow. So, “Seize change.”

SRMIST as an institution envisages an all-round and balanced education based on strong intellectual, moral and social formation. Our programs are focused on overall personality development and preparing you as an individual to be able to stand firm in this highly competitive world. I sincerely wish that the learnings gathered here in our SRM community will take you to the world of limitless possibilities.

Pope Francis says “From my point of view, God is the light that illuminates the darkness, even if it does not dissolve it, and a spark of divine light is within each of us.” I am trying to build on these sparks of life, the spark needs to be kept shining so that all our students feel happy while spending time in this campus.

To nurture the spark within us, we need to guard this spark against the storms of frustration, disappointment, loneliness and unfairness. Life is full of challenges; it has to be faced cheerfully. The four storms mentioned by me cannot be avoided, they would peep into our lives regularly, but we must have a rain coat not to let the spark die. Life is compared to a marathon; health and relationships play an important role in this race. All factors for a balanced life; health, happiness, relationships are important. While studying in this campus, I would request you not to get bogged down to books but to ensure a balanced life. Otherwise, the spark of life will start fading.

Yours, Dr. P. Sathyanarayanan Pro-Chancellor (Academic)

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